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Concrete Equipment

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Kingtest Concrete Cube Press

Press being calibrated with read-out display above and load cell shown inside press. Covers are removed to show motor and release valve mechanism. This particular unit is a high standard foot test press.

Refurnished Concrete Cube Press

Older Contest , Farnell brands , etc , equipment that is usually scrapped , are now rebuilt using only the frame . Complete overhaul of the Press, motor, electronics and hydraulic system occurs. The presses are certified and have a new working life of approximately 10 – 15 years. Pistons / Rams are sometimes replaced due to worn sides as well as the seals. The above unit is a Contest Footest Frame, not shown is the electronic automatic controller PAT2002 as seen in the first picture earlier.

Kingtest Concrete Cube Press

Electronic Controller with printer port

Vibrating Table

Vibrates Concrete Cube moulds: can be specially modified as above (longer to suit existing concrete moulds of non-Kingtest type )

Kingtest Concrete Cube Press

Fully Automatic, showing printer, door and eye-bolts used for transport

Kingtest Concrete Cube Press

Press being manufactured, showing load cell inside frame for calibration.

Slump Test Set

Used in determination of the slump of concrete

Kingtest Cube Moulds

Top – Metal 150x150x150mm cube mould Bottom – New hard rubber, 150x150x150mm cube mould

Kingtest Concrete Cube Press

Concrete Cube press fully automatic with controller (digital display) showing door open and max.min limits.