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Soil Equipment

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Dynamic Cone penetroneter, used to determine in-situ strength of the soil.

Field Density Set

Apparatus used to hollow out a predetermined hole in the field. Then a known amount of density sand is added. Alternative to this apparatus is a nuclear troxler.

Kingtest Sieve Shaker 200/300

200 – 300 diameter sieves are used. Showing 60 minute timer. Various ranges of time are available.

Kingtest Sieve Shaker

450 Diameter sieves only

Liquid Limit Test Set

Showing the Plasticity Index Machine , above with accessories And shrinkage trough below . Grooving tool not shown.

Sample Separation

Riffler with 3 pans. Shown is a small 13,2mm riffler . Used to split a sample of sand into half, quarters, and eventually down into specific samples that are graded using sieve analysis.

Sand Equivalent Apparatus

Used for soil clay fines determination . Premixes used in asphalt are clay sensitive. Glassware shown are not part of the test.


Showing Kingtest 200-300 sieves and 450 diameter sieves . Note the compliance certificate , issued with all sieves.

Pycnometer Jar

Showing Vacuum jars , 2l and 1l to the left . Pycnometer far right.

CBR Machine

California Bearing Ratio soil testing apparatus . Fully automatic sample tester for soils . It is also universally used to test Bitumen samples . The samples are extruded from a mould once finished . The above machine is capable of testing : 150mm Ucs mould samples 150mm Cbr and ITT samples 100mm diameter ITT Marshall samples ( Bitumen ) 100mm diameter Marshall test samples ( Bitumen )